COVID-19 Lockdown: Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

I am providing this affiliate marketing tips for beginners as a result of the covid-19 lockdown and the need for you to make good use of the time you spend at home to start affiliate marketing on the internet. It is a lucrative business that you can do full or part time as a home based business to make money on the internet.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

I am recommending that you start affiliate marketing on the internet because it:

  1. is home-based. You will work from your home and will not violate the covid-19 lockdown so you minimize the chances of contracting the coronavirus.
  2. may not cost you any money to start. It is mostly free as there are many free affiliate programs online that pay handsome commissions
  3. requires very little experience to start. If you can copy and paste, you are good to go
  4. does not require you to rent an office or a store
  5. does not require you to stock up commodities for sale
  6. is easy to carry out. You already have all you need to start the business; laptop or pc, smartphone, internet connection, ability to use the internet
  7. can be done full time or part-time. When the lockdown is over, you can treat it as a side business
  8. pays you weekly, half monthly or monthly or as the case may be
  9. is performance based. You are paid in accordance with your results
  10. you take all the credit for your results. You earn your worth.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

COVID-19 Lockdown: Affiliate Marketing Tips for BeginnersAffiliate marketing is a performance  based marketing programme by which an affiliate earns a commission for pre-selling another person’s or company’s products and/or services. After registration with the producer or marketing network, the affiliate simply searches online for a product or service they believe that they can pre-sell to potential buyers, then promotes that product and earns a pre-agreed commission from each sale they make.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

In my first article on the series of tips to affiliate marketing beginners, Marketing Online Affiliate Programs, I had told the story of how I ventured into affiliate marketing and the success which I had at that time. I also mentioned what I did when I realized that the visitors will not come just because you registered for a free affiliate program and received an affiliate website. You can read on from here.

One online business that pays is affiliate marketing of affiliate programsOne Online Business that Pays

When you learn how to promote, where to promote and promotion methods to adopt, you can join any program of your choice and make a tremendous success of it. The first promotion method I adopted was writing blogs. I opened a free blog at and wrote one or two personal posts there. I then used free articles to make more posts in the blog. I placed a few banners of some of the products I was promoting on the blog.

Consistent posting on the blog saw the spiders racing to my blog to crawl the content and follow the links I embedded within the articles and the banners. Within 2 weeks, I was on Google and Yahoo search pages. Then the visitors started going to my blog and then to my affiliate sites. I began having conversions in terms of affiliate commissions and sponsored affiliates.

I have since joined more affiliate programs from diverse niches and I am also having more blogs on free platforms and hosted on my own domains. My downlines have increased over time just like my commissions have continued to increase. I have even been invited by some Affiliate Managers of some merchants to join their own programs on terms as agreed with them. I obliged some of them based on their commission rate and popularity of their products. For some others, I could not join as the traffic needed was not available at that time.

So, if you want to be a successful home business entrepreneur marketing affiliate programs, learn to promote your business, which is the key success factor in marketing successful affiliate products.

COVID-19 Lockdown: Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

COVID-19 Lockdown: Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners
Just go ahead and start affiliate marketing while the covid-19 lockdown still keeps you at home. I have provided the affiliate marketing tips to help you to start your own home-based affiliate marketing business. I can recommend some affiliate programs to you but it is best if you find them by yourself even on this page and site. You already have a social site following; use them to your advantage to promote your affiliate programs.


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