Coronavirus COVID-19 and The Future of Work

The future of work has been forever altered by the coronavirus COVID-19 virus. It is also possible that unless the virus recedes or a vaccine is found to stop the spread of the virus, work as we know it today will not be the same going forward. Even if a vaccine for COVID-19 is found, the future of work is forever altered.

Prior to this pandemic, we had thought that the future of work would be determined by the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and outsourcing. However, under the present terms, they have paled into almost insignificance as a clear and present danger has appeared in the form of COVID-19 to alter the trajectory of work for good.

Governments, organisations, companies, partnerships and individuals including their personnel are reevaluating how work is done in the best interest of all. The establishments want to get the best from their staff without compromising on their safety and wellbeing while the personnel want to still provide their services in a conducive and safe environment.

For productivity to go on efficiently and effectively, there has to be a meeting of minds even without the intervention of labour unions. The establishments want to continue to produce and earn income and the personnel want to provide their services and retain their jobs to earn salaries.

Mutual consensus is reached on the best ways possible to achieve the objectives while safety is the watchword. So, which ways forward to achieve the objectives in the work environment?

How covid-19 has affected the future of work

Cessation of Operations

At the outset of the virus, most offices and workplaces ceased operations. Many have since then opened in some way while others are still locked to be opened at some later time. However, sadly, some of these workplaces may never open again to carry on business. They will only open to take stock, arrange their affairs and file for bankruptcy and close shop.

Many small and medium enterprises fall into this category. Such have not benefited from the bailout announced by governments all over the world. Their staff will enter the unemployment market as victims of the covid-19 pandemic future of work. Is there any hope for such persons post the pandemic?

How has this cessation of operations caused by the coronavirus pandemic affected you?

Gradual opening after the lockdown

Businesses are gradually reopening after the lockdown experienced in most countries following the outbreak of covid-19. However, unlike in the past when organisations were free to determine what worked for them, all entities are now  required to adhere to certain directives as provided to ensure safety in the environment.

Hours of work, length of stay in the workplace, seating arrangements, provision of personal protective equipment for staff and visitors and many other things related to the workplace are now determined through legislation. Organisations who want to remain in business must adhere strictly to them.

Office Sitting Arrangement

The office setting as we used to know it pre pandemic has changed. Working together in a normal office setting will not be the same anymore. Sitting on networking tables in a networked environment will not likely happen again for fear of infection. Is this outcome conducive to the smooth operation of the work environment? Safety first.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence has been accelerated in the workplace. Some jobs have gone for good. Or, rather, some staff have gone for good as their jobs have been taken over by artificial intelligence. Many bank tellers will not return to their jobs, same with some other routine jobs staff whose duties are being taken over by AI.

Remote Workers

Many employees will be required to work from home not as a matter of choice but as a matter of covid 19. The need to reduce social contact in the workplace is forcing companies to reduce the number of staff that will be physically in the workplace at any given time. The effect of remote workers and remote working has not fully been evaluated by most organisations. However, they have gone on to implement it so they can resume operations at some sub-optimal level.


Many organisations have resorted to outsourcing of certain job functions to hedge against staff issues. The effect of this on the workforce and the organisation’s culture and work ethics need to be studied. Be that as it may, outsourcing of jobs will increase as fewer number of staff will be considered due to reduced number of staff in the work environment at any point in time.

Will the future of work ever remain the same? No. It has changed for good.

A Peep into the future of work

It is very clear that the work environment will never remain the same. Work will also not remain the same. Organisations will change as well. Expectations will also change.

Will personnel not change? Will attitude to work not also change? Expectations will equally change.

In all these changes where will the future of work find you?

Only you can tell.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 and The Future of Work
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Do not let covid-19 remove the wind from your sails. The future of work is your future. Arise now and take your future in your own hands to become your own boss.


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