How to Make Money Online During Coronavirus Lockdown

Discover how to make money online in the face of coronavirus or Covid 19 lockdown. The coronavirus, otherwise named COVID 19 is redefining how we live and interact with others in the face of the risks attached to contracting the disease from other human beings.

However, be it as it may, life must go on and making money online provides an almost risk-free way to live at this time and reduce or even eliminate the risk of contracting this virus.

Staggering and frightening statistics of new infections and fatalities are daily reported from all parts of the world. Very few nations are so far still without infections while many countries are having the numbers increasing daily.

According to Wikipedia, infections are now over one million while deaths are over 50, 000 and rising.

While I sympathize with those who have lost their loved ones to death as a result of the COVId 19, I also wish speedy recovery to those who are already down with the virus. I also pray and hope that those of us who are presently negative to the disease will always test negative to coronavirus in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ name I pray, amen.

How to Make Money Online During Coronavirus Lockdown

With coronavirus lockdown happening in many towns and enclaves, states and countries, making money online is one way to make ends meet. Therefore, find ways to make money online during coronavirus era and you will not only be COVID 19 free, you would also have made a fortune (maybe not) for yourself and family.

Survival is the name of the game at this time; surviving the covid pandemic and surviving the financial distress that comes with the lockdown and loss of jobs.

Do you have plans on how to survive the covid 19 pandemic and come out alive and well? Simply obeying the instructions as provided by World Health Organization and the health services of your country will help ensure that you are alive and well.

While we are still talking about survival, there is the financial aspect of the disease. Many jobs have been suspended. Many workers have lost their jobs and their salaries and are now wondering how to survive financially.

While the income has stalled, expenses have remained stable or even increased. How can you earn income from safe sources until the covid lasts and your job is restored or you get another job?

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The answer lies in online home based businesses.

You can make money online to cover for your loss of income while the covid lockdown lasts if you have an online based home business. It will not take you long o learn the ropes about how to engage in online businesses as you will find free training online and many sites where you want to work will teach you what to do to make money from their sites.

At this time, I will recommend affiliate marketing of affiliate programs and cryptocurrency trading as the home based businesses you can start immediately as you have all it requires to start. You already have a laptop or desktop computer. If you do not have that, you have a smartphone that has internet access. That is the basic equipment you need to start your online home based business.

If you are ready to start your own home based online home based business in order to make money at home while this virus lasts and beyond, you should check out free affiliate marketing websites to join.

You can join SFI if you want. What makes SFI different? In short, SFI has something for everyone!…which makes online sales both lucrative and fun!
How to Make Money Online During Coronavirus Lockdown
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You can also choose to join cryptocurrency business and accumulate coins from new crypto coins while they are a penny a dozen and sell when their values rise. There are many crypto business opportunities you will find on this site for your use. However, feel free to dig out yours from the internet and come back here to comment and give us the names to join using your link for mutual success.

Everything is not all gloomy at this time. Where there is still life, there is still hope. And where there is hope, there is God. May we all anchor our hope in God through His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, that peace and safety may reign in our land.





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